Sunday, June 15, 2014

Finding the Perfect Hairstylist

Finding a hairstylist that takes her time, cares about hair health, is able to deliver the results you ask for, is professional and actually styles hair well is harder than it sounds.

When I moved to a city like Atlanta I thought I would have no problem finding a talented hair stylist, but boy was I wrong. With so many claiming to be "Weave-ologist","Master Stylist" and "Veterans" you'd think there would be too many great stylist to choose from.

So far, I've been to four hair stylists at four different hair salons. I've come across extreme unprofessionalism, lack of attention to hair health, hair damage, and just down right bad service. It left me wondering if I would ever find a stylist worth paying my hard earned money. I believe I've finally found a stylists I will be going to for a while & I'll share more about her in an upcoming post.

Now that I've been through a couple of stylists and had my share of horror stories I feel that its only right to share some of the tips I've learned in picking a stylist who will make your hair both beautiful and healthy.

  • You get what you pay for. Do not attempt to find a quality stylist by searching for the cheapest one. You may have to spend a few extra dollars for someone who is more qualified and uses quality products and tools.
  • Ask Questions. Before you book your appointment do not be afraid or feel like a bother for asking questions. Find out about the products the stylist uses, how long the stylist has been doing hair, if the stylist can do the specific style you want and if the stylist is familiar with styling your hair texture.
  • Get the price up front. Make the stylist aware of what you want done specifically and get the price so there will be no surprises.
  • Take before and after photographs. It's always nice to have something to compare your final outcome with.
  • Bring a picture. This is the best way to illustrate exactly how you want your hair, but be mindful all hair types are not the same and won't look the same in a style.
  • Be professional. Although the salon is often seen as an informal place it is a place of business, so be comfortable and enjoy yourself, but always be professional and on time.

I will be sharing my hair story and following my hair journey here on

Stay tuned.