Sunday, August 11, 2013


SUMMER FAvorites
The summer is not quite over yet & depending on where you live it may feel like summer for a while after the seasons change. Below are some of the things I can't live without this summer and I'll likely use moving into the fall.
This Evian facial mist cools you down in the blistering heat and also gives your makeup a dewy fresh look.
I am in love with the summer scent of the Bath & Body Works Candles. The are relaxing, smell amazing and illuminate and entire room !
I am a magazine fanatic. Right now I'd have to say Vogue is my favorite for inspiration as I revamp my summer wardrobe.
Lip balm is a must this summer. I must admit EOS sold me on the cute little packaging. However, the product is just as great, they smell amazing and give your lips long lasting moisture.
MAC Mineralized Skin Finish has been amazing this summer. I love the bronze look it gives my skin and the way it gives my skin a even glow.
Last but not least a drink favorite! STARBUCKS FRAPPUCHINO! Since I am a food fanatic I think this is my favorite ...favorite! :) Refreshing, yummy & so many choices!

Now it's your turn, share your favorites with me! I love to try new things.

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