Thursday, March 12, 2015

Protective Styles | Havana Twists

As you may know I did the big chop a few months back. I haven't quite figured out how to style my natural hair and because I relaxed my leave out when I was transitioning I had to cut it much shorter than the rest of my hair. With all that being said, I'm becoming the queen of protective styles.

Even before the big chop I've never wanted to have to do a lot with my hair in the mornings, so I've been wearing sew-ins religiously. I kind of wanted to changed things up so I decided to try some different protective styles.


I did these twists about two months ago and have been redoing them every other week or in sections as needed. I love them! Havana twists are so versatile, they give you a different look and your hair gets a break from constant manipulation.

It took me about 7 1/2 hours to complete these and I used 5-6 packs of Marley Hair.

I think I'll leave these in until the end of March or until I think of the next protective style to try.

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